Security Systems Installation and Services in Greater Houston

Digital Alarm Systems provides the following security systems in Greater Houston: 

  1.  Commercial Integrated Security – The integration of this would combine cameras, video monitoring systems, and fire alarms together in one package.
  2.  Video Surveillance/AI Intelligence Surveillance – We have a monitoring service that services video surveillance. Our team monitors your video surveillance, and we reach out if something unusual is seen.
  3.  Cameras – We provide 30 to 40 high-resolution cameras in residential areas and more in commercial areas. These cameras can be used for interior, exterior, parking lot, and gate surveillance, as well as car license recognition.
  4.  Customized Security – We design, plan, permit, install, and service personalized security systems.
  5.  Access Control – Our access control system can use card or fingerprint access only.
  6.  Free On-Site Consultation – With one of our security consultants, we go out and access and return and design with blueprints and your customized security requirements.
  7.  Fire Alarm – We do planning and permitting for fire alarm systems.
  8.  Remote Monitoring – Monitor your property on all of your devices anywhere, anytime.
  9.  24-Hour Monitoring Services – We offer 24-hour monitoring services to help keep your property safe.
  10. Residential Alarm Systems
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